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About Odd Territory

Remarkable latex design for everybody with a little artsy edge

Odd Territory is remarkable handmade latex fashion and accessories for everybody with a little artsy edge.

Odd Territory is a one-women-business. I was a bodypainting model for over 10 years. When I stopped being a model I was ready for a new challenge. I have been making clothes since I was about 12, but it was about 16 years later that I found a new challenge in making clothes out of latex.

Coming from the bodypainting world where I was a model for so long and now designing latex clothes and moving more towards a different world, makes that I often feel in odd territory. A strange place, an odd sensation, a special feeling, not sure where it’s going, but liking the way it feels; this is where the name of my brand Odd Territory comes from.

Latex can be a very forgiving and a very cruel material to work with. But I love all the possibilities there are with this material. I can put all my creativity into it and I love seeing people wear my unique pieces.

I hope you enjoy watching and wearing my pieces, just as much as I loved making them!

Love, Kim

If you’re interested in purchasing something designed specifically for you, please contact me.

Creator & Designer of Odd Territory

Designing high quality latex clothes and accessories for men and women is my passion. I love working with bright colours and a large variety of different structures. I find my inspiration from the '20 and '30 (I adore everything art deco and art nouveau). Every item displayed on this website is made by hand and sometimes with the help of my lovely lasercutter.